We design and realize furniture for commercial activities in Italy and Europe

C-Design is headquartered in Bergamo, but for years has been designing and manufacturing furniture for commercial activities and public establishments throughout Italy and Europe.

We are a team of designers and architects who use their knowledge of various commodity sectors to create unique, customized spaces that enhance the venue and make it more attractive to customers. Our proposals are the result of meticulous study and research into materials and how they can be inserted into various contexts to make environments comfortable and functional for the specific type of activity.

For the design aspect, we rely both on artisans capable of producing ad hoc complements and on our established partnerships with leading Italian interior design brands.


Those who want to furnish the premises of a new business or those who want to renovate them to make them more valuable and contemporary. We operate in almost all major product sectors. Over several years of projects and realizations, we have created furnishings for bars, cafeterias, restaurants, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, bakeries, markets, and rotisseries, but also for non-food activities such as hotels, wellness areas, spas and wellness centers.


First of all, we know how to listen. We always start with a careful analysis of the aesthetic and budget requirements of our customers and the relevant product sector. This analysis is fundamental in order to be able to develop the personality of the venue in relation to the typical customers.
Then we will carry out an on-site inspection of the location to assess the available space, plant engineering and other logistical variables.
The final part will be the installation, which we will follow and manage directly by relying on our own operating teams and craftsmen. Our aim is to deliver the finished work to the customer on time and within the agreed budget.

We assess the customer's budget and his aesthetic needs, product sector and related trends, typical clientele.


We analyze spaces, facilities and logistical aspects.


We create the mood of the space, we choose materials and accessories and we finalize 3D renderings.


We monitor and manage our operating teams for turnkey implementation on time and on budget.

Design is NOT
an end in itself

Our aim is not to create environments that are beautiful to contemplate as if they were art galleries, but that are above all pleasant to live in. We believe that every type of business and every sector has its own specific needs, based on typical customers and current trends. In our phase of analysis we evaluate all these aspects to create unique and not standardized environments, meeting places where design becomes functional to the desire to spend time there. Spaces that are both comfortable and contemporary, inviting people to stay and return.

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